God’s Loving Gaze: This is Us


I don’t know about you, but I’m totally hooked on This Is Us. My sister got me started on it over winter break, and it is so GOOD! If you haven’t seen the show, I totally recommend it!

This week’s episode was pretty intense, but a few scenes in particular caught my attention.

In this episode, teenage Kate is working on submitting a recording of her singing to try to get into college. Like most teenage girls, she doesn’t she her beauty, and doesn’t even believe she is beautiful. While recording herself singing, her father, Jack, starts videoing her singing. She doesn’t notice, but when she does, she is furious. Jack doesn’t understand because he sees her beauty and wants to capture that moment so she can see it as well.


After Kate cools down a bit, Jack approaches Kate.

He tells her, “It would break my heart if you didn’t want to be on camera because you don’t realize how beautiful you are.”

Then Kate goes on to say, “….But I’m older now, and I just don’t see myself the way you see me. And you know what, no one else sees me like that either, so you saying it all the time just hurts.”

Later on, Kate watches the video that Jack took of her. Reflected on the mirror is her father gazing lovingly upon his daughter. He tries to suppress his smile while watching Kate, but he can’t hold it back. Kate sees this, and she keeps rewinding the video to rewatch that moment.


After Kate sees the video she goes to apologize to her father and says something that stuck out to me in a profound way.

“Don’t ever stop. Don’t stop trying to make me see myself the way you see me.”

Jack replies back to her and says, “Okay, Katie. I won’t stop.”

Ugghhh! I have watched this section of the show so many times now, and I love it even more each time I watch it! It is so beautiful and so real.

Sometimes for me it is hard to believe that I am beautiful, but God is always looking down at me and telling me that I am beautiful! We don’t see ourselves the way God sees us just how Kate doesn’t see herself the way her father sees her. Despite what we may think of ourselves, God is constant and He always keeps His gaze upon us.

We might want God to back off, or stop trying to make us see ourselves as beautiful, but He won’t stop.


Also, Kate kept rewinding the video to rewatch the way Jack looked at her. You might be thinking, “What’s so important about Kate rewatching the video?”

The thing is, she is rewatching it because she can’t stop looking at her father’s expression. There’s no pity and no disappointment. He is totally captivated by Kate. That’s what we all want too, right? Our Father in Heaven looking at us with compassion and taking delight in who we are. Well I come bearing good news because all of this is true.

Take a minute right now and think of one thing that you are insecure about, or something about yourself you aren’t confident in. Once you’ve got it in your head, take another minute to imagine how God looks at you. Even at what you think is your worst. Think about how He still gazes upon you lovingly in your darkest moments, in your weakest moments. God is still there.

Sometimes you might want Him to stop, but I challenge you to tell God to never stop trying to make you see yourself the way He sees you.


Prayers and Blessings,

Marissa Rose



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